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Tifa Lockheart
30 October 2006 @ 04:28 pm
The Halloween Party is tomorrow night, so it's /really/ hectic here at work. D: I did all of the shopping for the junk food, and the bar is fully stocked, and now we've just got to put the final touches on. We're going to stay later tonight, me and a few waitresses, and put up the decorations..and then all day tomorrow, it'll be a baking spree, I can imagine.

Oh well. Everyone who comes always has a great time, and we always have an excellent turn out for our holiday parties; this one isn't as popular as our Christmas events, but it's definitely close. Hopefully we might even make a bit of money, with the drinks, seeing as the actual entrance fee is free. I just can't bring myself to charge people to come and have fun; it makes me too excited to put on a great event like this, and then charge everyone to come. I'd rather we all just have fun, even if I'll be very busy.

Aerith and the girls are even going to stop in, so that's one thing to look forward to! I don't know if she's going to try and dress them up, but it would be absolutely adorable if she did, hm?

Speaking of them, I miss my girls. I kinda wish we didn't have to stay late tonight, but..someone's got to put up the decorations, and get things ready..and I know Aerith understands. If we could get a babysitter, I would ask her to come and help us out a bit, but I know how she feels about leaving Katie and Mere with someone else, so I won't push my luck.

Either way, I should cut this short and get back to work. Still some long hours left, before we even /close/ for the night!
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Tifa Lockheart
27 October 2006 @ 02:02 pm
I guess I should make my first entry in here, huh?

Well, last night..I guess I can talk about that?

I finally got Katie to go to sleep, which is nice. Meredith went down without problems (which is pretty usual, you know?) and Aerith was tired, so I told her she should get some rest too. I would've gone to bed with her, but Katie woke up and I was going to stay up doing some paper work for the Heaven anyway; I had to pay some bills today before I open it for the breakfast crowd.

So it was just me and Kate for a while. Even though she wakes up at night sometimes, she's never really cranky; she's got her mother's gentle nature. Her eyes, too. She just sits in the play pen and watches me until she falls asleep. It's really cute, though I'd prefer if she got some proper sleep, like her sister.

Two seperate schedules can't be good for them..well, maybe it doesn't matter..I guess I could ask Aerith. Hm.

Aerith was up early, as usual; she goes out to the garden in the morning most times, and I usually make breakfast for us if I have time. And then it's off to work..which would be where I am now, having a little dilemma with the staff. Most of my waitresses are college girls..and a lot of them are having scheduling troubles. Which mines I might have to hire a few more on, to pick up the slack.

This causes /me/ trouble because I have neither the time for auditions, or the money for more employees..but it's unavoidable. I'll just make do; I always have.

Oh well, nothing to complain about, really. Just silly work stuff. I just need to do the job and then get home for dinner, and see the kids before they go to bed. I wonder what we're having tonight?

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